Team work

A team who knows the responsibility of the whole, always supports, can share the success, has the feeling of 'us' instead of 'me' and who is respectful and trusted.

Sincerity and communication

Being reliable and enterprising, providing a rapid feedback, having a positive attitude, having solution oriented strategies, empathize and communicate sincerely and cheerfully


Taking the time that we agreed upon with each other and our customer seriously and obeying the necessities of it.

Understanding of customer

Being honest and reliable, feeling the responsibility of our customer with the same degree, providing the correct feedback, doing our job being sensitive to the customer satisfaction in the maximum level, thinking and acting in the same way our customer do.

Caring the employees

Taking the spiritual development of our employees into consideration, training and teaching them, raising their awareness, giving an opportunity to the differences and varieties, taking the production efficiency as a basis supporting them to have the confidence of making long-term plans

Leadership and sustainability

Developing to become number one and the best, taking initiative for our job, investing in our job and stability